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General Announcements:   Dove Leather Company  

General Repair Delivery: 4-6 weeks    Restorations:  20-24 weeks

Definition Library  CLICK HERE for access to our Definition Library of Firearm Information and Gunsmith Techniques.   Our good friend with Dove Leather Works has retired.  We will miss him and his fine work.  So we are looking for a good leathersmith to sell their products.      
The Elks Gun Show last week-end was terrific.  Lots of good firearms for sale and some good deals were there.  Thanks to everyone who helped us have the best show ever for sales and repairs.  It was a lot of fun.  We still have a couple of High End Rifles with Show Special pricing.  One in Ruger 203 caliber and another is a Weatherby in 240 Magnum. We will maintain the show special pricing for 2 -3 weeks so if you have interest.....get in here.


  The Next Ozarks Elks Lodge Gun Show is June 3/4, 2017.  Admission is $6.00 and will cover both days.  A raffle will be held for a yet undisclosed firearm. We will be participating in the show so the shop will close at noon on the 2rd and be closed June 3,4, and  5.    
Estate Firearms          
We have a good amount of estate firearms for sale.  Many military and hunting types are available.  Additionally, if you have firearms that you wish to sell, we are taking consignments, with low commissions, for selling in our showroom area.  Generally you will put more money in your pocket by selling your firearms via consignment.   We are getting a lot of requests for CUSTOM AR-10 and AR-15 builds with special gunsmith features and  modifications.  If you are looking for a superior AR rifle, stop by and let's talk about your "Dream" AR and see if we can make that a reality.    
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