Innovative Systems Group LLC


Because of our business backgrounds, ISG has been privileged to write over 10,000 programs and many complete systems for customer from all over the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.  Some of these systems are shown below:
Types of Software we have written: (Partial Listing)
  • Tool Standardization for the reduction and proliferation of special tooling
  • SCS Tool Crib Systems (tm) - Complete ERP for central and satellite tool cribs in manufacturing
  • Cradle to Grave (tm) - Tracking of all components from manufacturing to distribution to end users consumption for the airline industry.
  • MAC Tracker - Track scrap product in manufacturing
  • BioTrax I (tm) and BioTrax II (tm) - Biometric Security Databases for time and attendance and identification validation via a human fingerprint
  • EZ Systems ERP (tm) -  Complete ERP system for distribution or Service Companies built to work with outside General Ledger such as Quik Books (tm by Intuit)
  • Loan Management System for Government
  • Work in Process Tracking on manufacturing floor to warehousing system, tied into AS400 (tm by IBM) Mid Frame
  • Bar Code Inventory and Product Movement
  • HUD Certification System


Packaged Software
  • MetalTrax by Kimzey Software Solutions
  • FABTrax by Kimzey Software Solutions
  • GlassTrax by Kimzey Software Solutions
  • Riblio Bar Code Generation Software
  • EZ Systems ERP


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